15M NextGen iPhones to Hit Manufacturing

This is sort of an “everyone’s doing it” post. Going through my news reader (MobileRSS) this morning I came across at least five articles that are pointing to the next iteration of the iPhone is heading to manufacturing.

Zack Epstein from Boy genius Reports – 15 million iPhone 5’s on order for September launch

David Etherington from GigaOM – Why a 15m iPhone Order Placed Now Makes Sense

MacNN – Pegatron gets 15M iPhone 5 orders, ships September

Arnold Kim from MacRumors – Apple Orders 15M iPhone 5S, Shipping Begins in September

Josh Ong from Apple Insider – Apple reportedly placed orders for 15M next-gen iPhones from Pegatron

These are just the latest in the series of rumors pointing toward a September release of the NextGen iPhone. Some are calling it the iPhone 5, some are calling it an iPhone 4S… Some are saying it will be small refresh, others are calling for a complete redesign. No one believes that it will be a 4G phone. Sorry for anyone who had those hopes.

From my perspective, a September launch makes more sense than June especially with the January release of the Verizon version of the iPhone 4. September allows for a holiday buildup and planned purchases. With the June launches, a holiday purchase begets the argument of getting a 6 month old device or simply waiting 6 more months for the “new one”. September is the perfect time to maximize that looseness of the holiday pocket book.

September also fits in with the planned release of iOS 5 and it brings together the iPhone and iPod Touch (which are effectively the same device minus cellular capabilities. It also provides a good unification timeframe to bring together the CDMA (Verizon-US) and GSM (AT&T-US) iPhone versions with Qualcomm’s global dual-band radio chip it is rumored Apple will move to in the NextGen iPhone.

A June launch would have either required the continuation of a split design phone, or Verizon and Apple would have cannibalized the possible profits from summer contract renewals. That and they may have had a revolt on their hands with a very unhappy customers with a 3-5 month “new” iPhone 4 and launching a new model.

So, here is what I have been thinking for a while:

  • September launch of a slight refresh to the 4 design
  • Updated camera and possibly storage, but same case design
  • A “universal” phone working on both CDMA and GSM with a move to HSPA+ for the GSM version – sorry Verizon folks your Network will become stunningly slow on 3G compared to AT&T’s flavor of the iPhone… Also, the Verizon limitations of no talking while using data will also continue for another year…
  • No access to the LTE (4G) networks on either carrier until 2012

All in all still a worthy upgrade especially with iCloud coming online at the same time. It is more worthy of an upgrade if, like me, you have a trickle down group to consider. My wife has my old 3GS and my father-in-law has my old 3G. Those devices are getting a bit long in the tooth with the 3G not even being able to take all of the advantages of iOS 4.3. When we move to iOS 5 I think that the 3G is going to be completely left behind and sun-setted as a product by Apple.

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