Google+ iOS Apps awaiting approval

MacNetworkNews passed on Erica Joy’s commentary that the Google+ iOS apps have been submitted to the AppStore and are simply waiting to get through Apple’s approval process. To me, this is really good news. I have been playing with Google+ for a few days now and while it seems nice, it feels like ghost town.

I really think that opening up the full potential of Google+ to amy and all platforms can only help G+ gain traction. The mobile web apps are just too limited to create a compelling reason to switch from Facebook. Heck, check-ins are two steps on G+ if you want to leave a comment… and forget about taking and uploading pics on an iOS device with the web app.

From just the little time I have played with Google+, I am enamored with the idea of Circles for sharing. I have a number of different groups of folks that I like to pass different types of information depending on the group. For this purpose, email is a bit of a clunky vehicle and Facebook groups leave a lot to be desired. After playing with Google+, issues like those may be solved and NEW opportunities could arise. From a blogging and sharing perspective, I am hoping the API’s get picked up rather quickly. (@ NibiruTech @blogsyapp I am looking in your direction…)

Anyone else playing with Google+? what are your hopes for the iOS apps?

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3 thoughts on “Google+ iOS Apps awaiting approval

  1. I’ve had it now for a few days on my iphone? I haven’t used it too much but so far what I *have* done is an improvement. I do use mail, calendar and docs pretty extensively. Access to contacts seems to be non-existent still. In particular if I’ve made notes for a contact and want to know say, what size shirt they wear or the names of their children (no I’m not sending you any shirts and I know the names of your kids), I have to wait until I can sign into gmail on a computer. I don’t have “circles,” so maybe the new look I’m seeing is not the entire package…

    • D,

      What you have on your phone is just the Google App, not Google+ where you get the Facebook like social networking features. From your phone go here: then you login with your gmail account info. This will activate and link the account to Google Plus and the social network features.

      Overall, it looks pretty cool and possibly a strong alternative to Facebook if they get mobile done right.

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