Final Cut Pro X [update]

I’ve stayed out of the recent debate running around the Internet since Apple released it’s latest version of Final Cut video editing software. My absence from this topic is not because it appears as negative press towards Apple, but because I don’t use Final Cut to provide an objective perspective and most other sources just seemed inflammatory for the sake republishing the same negative snippets.

So, why post now? I just read the first post in a planned week long series by movie and video editor Matthew Levie. Matthew is putting Final Cut Pro X to the test against a real project not just looking for features in tool panels. Additionally, through the week long daily updates it will be intriguing to watch if and how Matthew’s perspective changes over time as he learns more about Final Cut Pro X.

My intention was to take this project I have coming up that has very little deadline pressure, it’s only two minutes long, it’s not that complicated. I thought I’d do that in FCP X and that way I’d learn where the gotchas were and where this program’s limitations were.

His first post is not glowing towards Apple’s latest release and it will be interesting to see how Apple’s attempt at moving the industry to non-linear editing will go with a 20 year veteran. Be sure to read the comments as well. However, I wish some of the commenters would remove their personal attacks when they add their perspective. Also, it would be interesting if they linked to other information supporting a different view or simply be helpful providing information that would make Matthew’s journey easier.

Read Matthew’s entire series as he completes it here.

[update] I will update this post as installments are added

Day One: Completely at sea
Day Two: Learning the ropes
Day Three: Media Management
Day Four: Gaining perspective

Image Credit: Apple Final Cut Pro X FAQ

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