Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 – BGR Review

Most of you know I have an iPad 2 and that I love it and most of Apple’s products. I don’t think there is another company that can not only capture the hearts and minds of consumers AND actually put out high quality products. Right now Android, for all of it’s gaining traction, is still behind iOS in many areas. Especially to NORMAL consumers… Technophiles sure do love Android, however, to all of the rest of the population Android devices are the rage because they are cheap… I didn’t say low quality, I said they don’t cost a lot. So, it is easy to justify buying a family of 4 Android phones… Not so easy with the iPhone. However, look at the $50 iPhone 3GS and you can see that price point DOES make a difference, again I feel this is why Android-based phones are overtaking the iPhone.

All of this said, I applaud Google and Samsung for continuing to make their products bette and hopefully more competitive with Apple. My opinion is that they are still not there yet, but as they get closer, they will continue to drive Apple harder to satisfy consumers. From the looks of it, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is getting closer… When it goes to mass production (5,000 as a “Special Edition” run to give to high profile attendees at Google I/O it NOT mass production) consumers will get a better feel for how well it competes. Hopefully, by then Google will have a release or two to improve Honeycomb as this will determine where they spend their disposable income… Right now this it what they will see:

Despite the dual-core processor, Honeycomb was sluggish at times. Sometimes apps would randomly crash back to the home screen, and sometimes new ones wouldn’t install at all. I also had a number of lockups while browsing the web: the website would just freeze so that I couldn’t pan or zoom, and on multiple occasions the keyboard failed to pop-up when I was trying to type in text fields. The only solution for this problem was to reboot the device entirely. I don’t think I used the Galaxy Tab 10.1 for 45 minutes without seeing at least one of these bugs pop up. That’s bad. – Boy Genius Report Review

When you control everything about your product you keep this from happening. I do hope they get it right to really spur Apple on to amazing new possibilities.


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