Creative Commons: an Educational Primer

On EdReach, over the past few weeks, I have been posting (herehere, and here)  regarding copyright and the need for educators and students to learn more about creative commons licensed material. However, many have asked:

“What IS creative commons licensing anyway?  Can’t students just provide attribution, like in standard research papers… why seek out creative commons licensed work? What is the difference?”

While the internet has opened amazing avenues for education and research, as well as providing an overall shared cultural experience, it has also come face to face with international copyright laws. For the most part, the “openness” of the internet is diametrically opposed to the explicitly closed nature of copyright laws.

To read the rest of this primer on Creative Commons, head over to EdReach 

While you are there, take afew minutes to learn more about the EdReach Educational Network

Image Credit: Keshiki


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