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Ran across a new blogging tool on the iPad tonight called Blogsy. Just shooting out a test post before I drop off to sleep. Appears to be a nice little blogging app, but I am just starting to dig into it. I’ll look to post a more in-depth review with link in the next couple of days. The test will be can it compete with BlogPress.

Initial impressions are positive, but I just had a crash typing this very little post… That’s not good…


6 thoughts on “Test Post with Blogsy

  1. Hello, I’m Lance, one of the guys behind Blogsy.

    First, I want to thank you for writing about Blogsy.

    Secondly, you brought up that you had a crash. What version are you using? No one has reported a crash since we put out the version 1.0.2. If you were using 1.0.2 when you experienced the crash can you please send us the crash report? http://aplus.rs/apple/how-to-find-crash-logs-for-iphone-applications-on-mac-vista-and-xp/


    • Will do on the crash report… Actually, I have had many. I keep very up to date on having the latest versions and as I have been using Blogsy to test it out to review, I updated as soon as the new version was released. I am still having sporadic crashes… It also might be me driving it a bit further than it wants to… I will pay special attention to that I am doing when it crashes in the future and report it as quickly and accurately as possible. Right now, most feel like it is when I am working with images, and both the internal and external Safari browsers hitting multiple sites to link to. I am a MobileMe user so I store most of my images there. So when I upload one (as, Blogsy doesn’t upload from the device (really?!) I need to hit Safari to get to my public images, then copy the link and put it into the Blogsy browser to grab my image… Often a crash happens there…

      However, Lance, I must say I am impressed with Blogsy. I had been toying with the idea for trying to develop a similar type of blogging tool even for my personal use because of the linking and writing I do. A few additions and my concept would be captured by Blogsy. For most of my blogging here and for EdReach, Blogsy has pretty much replaced BlogPress as my goto tool.

      I look forward to building a dialogue with you folks.


      • Hello Scott,

        Thanks so much for sending the crash reports but they are all from version 1.0.1. If you have any crash reports after updating to 1.0.2 can you please send them.

        I don’t understand why a blogger looking for more traffic to their site would not use Flickr or Picasa for their images. I get a lot of traffic due to that. But we are working hard on uploading and will have in to the testers within a week. How long it takes to get any bugs fixed and have it in the App Store would only be a guess.

        You mentioned that there are some things you feel are missing from Blogsy. Have you voted for the features you would like added after we are done with uploading? If not, you can vote here – http://www.blogsyapp.com/about


  2. Lance, I have not sent any logs as of yet, so I don’t know where you are getting the ones you state here are attributed to me. When I get a bit of time early this week, I will be hunting for the logs. I can assure you that I have had crashes in the last week while writing and posting drafts to both this blog and EdReach. As i mentioned, I’ll get to those logs when I can early this week.

    I also have not made any statements about looking to drive more traffic to my site. Personally, unless a user is paying for a Flickr pro account they are somewhat limited in what they can do. There is a max upload threshold and a max size on photos on non pro accounts. While I hold accounts at Flickr, I prefer MobileMe because of the ownership and control I have over my own images I am also posting into my blog. Also, many prefer a device uploader due to the desire to also maintain control over their own images, as well as eliminate a second step of uploading to Flickr etc. And then having to pull a web based image into a post.

    I have voted on the additional feature I would like to see after uploading is completed. But others I envision are missing from your list as well.

    • Hello Scott,

      I am very sorry about the confusion. I got an email from another blogger and thought it was from you. My apologies.

      Secondly, you are right. I thought you were a professional blogger and therefore assumed you would want more traffic to your site. And I completely understand your desire to have control over your photos. That is why I actually use coppermine for my main photo storage and just upload some pictures to Flickr and Picasa to drive traffic.

      Thank you for voting. Hopefully you were able to add the features that you did not find in our lists.

      I also want to say that I hope you don’t find anything I have written as upsetting or insulting. I am just trying to improve Blogsy and maybe my words can be misinterpreted. I will readily admit that I am not a good writer.


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