Are iPads (tablets) a fad?

A couple of weeks ago, executives from Dell and Microsoft essentially called the iPad a “fad” and predicted “other” devices will essentially replace the current craze… Interestingly, Google’s AdMob group recently released a study that may indicate otherwise…

Tablets are eating into traditional pastimes like television…

As well as replacing time spent in “traditional computing environments”… I recently wrote about my own experiences with my iPad which mirror these survey results.

Considering the only viable tablet on the market at this point is the iPad… Well… No, I am not forgetting the 100,000 Xooms that might have sold, or the poorly performing Galaxy Tabs, or even the Blackberry Playbook that has not hit the consumer market yet, or even Toshiba’s tablet that was pulled from London stores…

As I said, with the iPad being the only viable “tablet” device at this time, the AdMob findings continue to show the game changing, industry changing impact that is the iPad.

Image Credit: Mark Hillary on Flickr CC

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