Free eBooks on the iPad (and iPhone too…)

Right now the most popular series of posts on my blog have to do with opening eBooks in Apple’s iBooks reader. So, when I tripped across this article in my RSS reader it was easy to want to bring some of this information here.

There’s nothing particularly magical, in a technical sense, about what Project Gutenberg is doing. Rather, the magic is that iOS devices running the current iOS software can now save and load books in the ePub format. Given that, you might want to check other sites that offer free ePub books including MobileRead, epubBooks, and Feedbooks.

There are many other sites for free ePub eBooks, and many libraries now offer eBooks as a choice for patrons. You simply need to be sure that you are choosing an ePub version to open those eBooks. To actually open free ePub eBooks in iBooks you simply need to browse to the links above, find an eBook you are interested in and tap the “download” or “open” link on the website. iOS will do all of the heavy lifting for you by offering you the choice of “Open in” or “Open in iBooks”. Simply tap Open in iBooks and iOS will take care of the rest by switching to the iBooks app and downloading the ePub book in which you were interested. As my 6 year old son Joshua would say, “easy peasy”.

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