Post-PC Era… How my life has changed

Lazy Sunday had me reading a lot… As I tripped across this article, it got me thinking that I feel the same way.

It’s not that the iPad is a replacement PC. It’s that the need for conventional PCs is being eliminated quickly. The conventional PC is becoming irrelevant through a process of consumer and enterprise selection.

About a year and a few months ago, I bought my MacBook Pro and I still love it. It went with me everywhere, the office, family and friends houses, coffee shops and restaurants , anywhere I was going to be working, my MBP came along. On the off chance that I didn’t have or didn’t want to open my 8 second cold boot – 3 second shutdown friend, I always had my iPhone with me as well… In a typical day, it was often easier to count the hours I was NOT on my MacBook Pro and/or iPhone than the time I was using them… However, this past Christmas that all began to change.

At first it was almost unnoticeable… An evening would go by without my MBP leaving my computer bag… Then it might miss a meeting or two, but most often it was the “go to” machine… Then more often than not, I would find my old friend happily awaiting my return to the office so it could “catch me up” on all of the events of the day I missed while out on my adventures. It’s happy glow emanating from my desk. It reminded me quietly that an hour had passed while I was working near by… Ready to jump in when a complex task or resource hog application needed to be successfully tended to…

Then there was the evening that it spent alone all night in the car… Waiting patiently for me to come back into the garage… A simple oversight it thought… There was a lot to carry in when we had arrived home… Relieved, if a little cold, when we got back on the road to work in the morning to go to work. Always ready to help when I needed, but that need presented itself less and less over time. However, when the need was there, my little MacBook Pro always has and always will continue to shine.

It knows that when Lion arrives, it’s drive will surge with anticipation. It’s preparing for instantaneous recall when it’s new solid state drive arrives. It’s confident that for any large task, it will be ready, willing and able to overcome any obstacle to get the job done and done well. But, it also knows that it will be patiently resting, waiting, preparing for those times, however increasingly infrequent they may be because LAST Christmas the iPad entered my life.

Today, my iPad goes with me everywhere. It is not far from my hand at home, work, or anywhere else. After only 3 months, I am now more surprised (and a little disappointed or frustrated) when I can’t do something on the iPad and I need to get up and power up my MBP. Writing, reading, researching, playing, challenging, creating, and more… It doesn’t matter almost always my iPad rises to the challenge. In all sincerity, I am still too attached to my MBP and/or concerned about what surprise might await me at work to leave it behind at home completely (even though I could easily remote into it), but that day may come…

With my upgrade to the iPad 2, the discoverable possibilities increased ten fold and I am looking forward to every one of them. 10+ hours of actual usage time, instant on and the ever-present online access, and at just over a pound in weight, the iPad simply gets lost in what am doing as opposed to being in the way of what I am doing. (Once I even had to go back through my satchel twice to find my iPad as it was hiding between a couple of folders of papers I had been working with…) FaceTime, iMovie and GarageBand present their own possibilities, and the AppStore cannot be under estimated. In fact, my wife and I have just begun to FaceTime between our schools exploring and opening possibilities for our students. Pundits continue to proclaim this spec versus that spec, but even for a “techie” I am finding more and more that I don’t care about specs… What I care about is that technology if finally disappearing into the background, and creativity and reality are becoming one.

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