Microsoft and PC makers just don’t understand the tablet market…

Microsoft and Asus are partnering to create the eee Slate. A 12.1″ 2.5lb Windows 7 wonder… To promote this almost 3/4″ thick wonder they have created a series of four web exclusive “commercials” touting the power and ease of use… However, they fail to mention the facts:

The ads also end up showing relatively sluggish performance despite the Core i5 processor, and omit the mention of the Eee Slate’s much lower battery life. ASUS officially claims three hours of battery, about a third that of its rival, and in real-world testing typically gets about two. The Eee Slate at $1,000 is also twice as expensive as the iPad. – Electronista

I recently switched from the 1.5lb iPad to the 1.3lb iPad 2 and just that shaving of 2 tenths of a pound, in addition to the slimmer profile, does make a difference in how the iPad 2 feels when holding it. It IS lighter and is easier to hold in one hand while browsing or reading for extended times. Additionally, I can carry it everywhere and take notes on it while walking without issue… Finally, with 10 hours of battery life, I DON’T carry a charger at all through the day, and often don’t have to charge it each night.

I can’t imagine what a 3/4″ thick 2.5lb device would feel like after a couple of hours. Which really wouldn’t matter as you would have to plug it in by then anyway. Plus, taking notes on the fly while walking or standing I imagine would be much like writing on a piece of paper while using a yellow pages phone book to hold the paper.

I moved to the iPad because the MacBook Pro I purchased in January 2010 was getting a bit heavy (4.5lbs) to carry while running through my building between meetings and the 5-6 hours of battery life I still get often found me bringing the power pack along after lunch as a just in case…

Seriously, what need is there for a “portable” device that is that heavy with a battery life of only a couple usable hours?

Here is one of the commercials:

Notice that “mom” is never holding it in one arm with her baby in the other… Heck she is not actually holding it in one arm at all… She is resting it in her hand while keeping her arm propped on her leg or a table.

I also find it interesting that there is a “reviews” tab on the eee Slate Microsoft site, but ONLY staff reviewers from Microsoft or are actually on the site…

The rest of the videos can be found on Microsoft’s YouTube channel. Take a look… Notice that no one in any of the videos is actually holding the device up without propping their arm in some way.

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