Another “iPad” challenger may not live to see production…

Have you heard about the Kno? Not many others have as well, and it looks like not many students will either. The concept really is great. A textbook reader specifically designed to benefit the textbook industry and students as well. The design left a little something to be be desired at 5.6 lbs in it’s dual screen format (2.3 lbs for a single screen), however, this android based wonder may not live past it’s showcasing at the 2011 CES this year.

In a story that came to light today, it appears that the creators behind the Kno may be feeling what the rest of the “tablet/slate” segment is struggling with… How can they compete on the hardware level with the iPad. Taking cost out, (the Xoom is starting $300 more that the iPad) there is still the size and weight factor to consider. Regardless if the Android OS is free, there is still substantial cost in hardware production, and usability to be considered. Those factors alone can make or break a concept.

Personally, I will be sad if Kno does not make it to market. The folio-based concept like the Kno or the Microsoft Courier is very intriguing if (and that is a big IF) the hardware design can be done well, light weight, and coupled with great software. On the software side, if what is being written about the Kno folding it’s hardware design, by re-focusing the company, there could be some incredible hardware agnostic learning software on the horizon. I wish the Kno company luck regardless of final structure.

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