METC: PD 2.0: Live, Online, and on the Go

Will Blaylock and Bob Deneau

PD 2.0 – Live‚ Online‚ and on the Go: Bob Deneau, Will Blaylock
Tuesday, Feb 15, 2:20 pm

Resources can be found here:

In the midst of a teacher’s hectic day, how can PD providers make the greatest impact with minimal time and cost? Attend this session to learn how Rockwood School District effectively implemented various online professional development opportunities for all staff and administrators. Attendees will learn strategies for setting up online professional development and the benefits and obstacles associated with online PD.

Used to be able pull teacher out of classes… Now cannot. Needed a way to still provide that training. Same issues with participation everyone has.

Why online?
Funding friendly
Less disruption of instructional time
Increased participation
Reduced downtime
On demand

Use the following format:
Online meetings
Recording sessions

Webinars -Tech a la carte -20 minutes as a MAX
One to few/many
One way voice / video 2way chat
Live and then pushed out as recording

Using Adobe connect pro (purchased host license – annual license for each tech training $650 for a pack of 5 licenses. No servers necessary. Single is $150 / year

Use it for:
Software training
How to’s tips and tricks – similar to software training, but focused on the quick takeaway
Expert interviews – bring in outside resources
Summer workshops
Required training – blood born pathogens, etc…

Leveraging for “Summer Workshops” participation usually averages 5-15. Will run one session live and then record it. Live sessions there is a stipend for attendance…

Links leveraged from a SharePoint site.

Question about engagement – Good responses – are people in an in presence session always engaged. Experience shows those that take the time to come do participate.

Online Meetings
Uses – 1:1 or few to few – Have used for helpldesk as well due to screen sharing.

Have 2 way voice and chat

Administrator Training
Support Staff Training
Online for continual and refresher training after a large rollout of a program or PD. Every two weeks 30 minute session.

Good use of modeling – because of the Connected Training, teachers get familiar with using this tool, then begin leverage Skype to work collaboratively remotely with each outer outside the programs.

Online conference options
Adobe, webex, elluminate, , go to meeting, dimdim, yugma, Skype, communicator, screen stream, Microsoft Lync (part of Communicator) – depending on licensing with MS all users can created a season, not necessary for specific licensing fees. But need to build a server.

Pros for Adobe connect
No client software
perpetual meeting rooms
Recordings – editable, view online and offline – can share and embed
Customizable meeting space
Desktop and document sharing down to specific apps.
Audio and video through computer
breakout rooms
– polling, running chat and q/a chat, notes, multiple-user whiteboard
Flexible permission levels

What to consider for online training
Training of presenter and participants
Technical hurdles

PROMOTE, PROMOTE, PROMOTE, when there are successes to continue to spread the word.

Lessons learned
Training for online participants and online PD. (first part of the session)
Keep sessions under 20-30 minutes
Change mindset for PD – compact and specific skills focused

Use exit surveys to help make next sessions better.

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Location:St. Charles Conference Center, St. Louis, MO


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