Dell: Know Thy Market

For anyone that actually remembers the “Dude, Get a Dell” campaign, the company’s continuing shift away from the consumer market is bothersome. That said, how confused is Dell on knowing what market to focus on…

Dell during a pre-briefing for its new business PCs confirmed that it was developing a 10-inch Windows 7 tablet. The design would be for companies whose workers need “greater mobility” but who still need to meet specific security requirements, Dell said.

As the consumer and enterprise markets in some ways continue to merge, with the popularity of the iPhone and now the corporate iPad trending, why can’t Dell (and HP for all that it matters) understand that individuals simply do not want to carry two devices anymore.

For that matter, is it the Windows 7 overhead that makes these planned devices so bulky? With pc manufacturers continuing the race to bottom in prices one would think that cheaper components could be smaller that what each of the Windows-based tablets forms have shown. Even Android powered device manufacturers have caught on to this…

Lastly, is the enterprise is truly where the money is, why is it that enterprise level manufacturers cannot seem to provide what CEO’s and executives want and need?

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