So, which is better caps or throttling?

A few interesting articles like this one have surfaced about the “potential” precautions Verizon may take on their network in the event that the new iPhone users begin to overwhelm the network…

Verizon in a newly published memo has revealed that it would start throttling heavy use of its network under certain conditions. Similar to T-Mobile, it will reserve the right to slow down the speeds for those who use an “extraordinary amount of data” and are in the top five percent most active users. The ceilings would follow not just through the current billing month but the next as well to “ensure high quality network performance” for other subscribers, the carrier claimed.

Verizon has put out subsequent information that these data throttles are not in place at this time and might never be implemented. However, AT&T started under similar ideals, and last June implemented data caps of 2GB for new accounts (grandfathering in existing unlimited data plan users). AT&T stated that the 2GB cap would be more cost effective and provide for a more consistent user experience and its subscriber based and iphone users continued to grow. Additionally, it backed it’s decision with information that 95% of subscriber base fell under the 2GB cap. On AT&T side, data overages are $10 for each additional gig of data as opposed to Verizon’s $50 per gig.

So, let’s fast forward into the future… (no consumers wanted AT&T to set caps either) and say Verizon begins “managing” their network by throttling heavy data users (on an already slower iPhone network). I know LTE is coming for both heck, AT&T has even begun 4G commercials… let’s even say that we are on the LTE environments by then… So, which is better? Full speed caps with a cost overage or having your data speed throttled for large months and the following month in a punitive format? Just sayin’…

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