Flipboard for the iPad

As I have posted about recently, I have been enjoying using my iPad on a daily basis. In all honestly, I have not really touched my MacBookPro since it arrived Christmas morning, it will be interesting to see what happens when I return to work next week to see if that pattern holds. While I am absolutely adamant that the iPad is NOT exclusively a consumption device, I keep finding myself getting lost in the rabbit hole that is Flipboard.

To me, Flipboard is just about the perfect way to consume Digital information on from the web. Whether it is Facebook or Twitter or any content that is RSS based, Flipboard pulls all of the information into a sleek magazine style format. Allowing you easily “flip” through wall posts, tweets, and news and information. The experience is completely immersive and impressive. Interested in something you see, tap on the article blurb, and it expands to about 95% of the screen for easy reading. Where it really becomes impressive, is if there is a link or a full article attached to the blurb, it is presented in the same window just below the text that got you interested in the first place. No need to open a browser (although you have that option) be “transported” to a different app… Almost everything is seamless within Flipboard itself.

If you are interested in commenting on something on Facebook, you simply tap comment, and comment away (this is the same for twitter):

My favorite part of the commenting is that with Twitter it pulls the tweet “conversation” together under the first posted tweet so you can view all of the replies over time.

You can even use Flipboard to create a status update as well.

While reading with Flipboard is a pleasure, I keep discovering new capabilities every time I use the app. Today, I was looking for a specific Facebook post from a friend. Now because Flipboard is time sensitive, timeline based application, I was able to find newer status updates, but not the exact one I was looking for… I took a shot and went to one of those newer messages and tapped and held on my friends name. I was pleasantly surprised when a new menu opened up that would allow me to see more information specific to that person:

This is similar to how you can switch between viewing information on your own Facebook or Twitter accounts:

As I mentioned, you can add just about any type of content into Flipboard. This is done by tapping “add a section” and choosing the type of information you are interested in:

The latest update to Flipboard enabled access into a Google Reader account as well.

From here you can view all of your subscriptions at once, or drill into each individually.

If you are interested in sharing something that you find, that is an easy tap away as well. Depending on the section you are in, the capabilities of the different services are reflected.

I highly recommend Flipboard to everyone, and for free it is a great way to keep up to date with all of your friends and the latest news in a beautiful format. That said, there are two things that I would like to see added in a future update: the ability to perform a sime search through your content (it is interesting that it is missing), and the ability to easily copy a link to an article you are reading sublinks to hyperlinked information or be able to force that information to open in Safari to get those links. This would be really beneficial for a blogger like me.

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