So this is iPad’s competition?

Interesting to read a couple different articles in the same day regarding the “competitors” to the iPad. Somehow I don’t think that one could actually call them “fierce” competition.

The HP Slate was Windows 7’s entry into the fray… Highly touted by Microsoft before it was even fully concepted and the only possible way for MS to save face after publicly presenting the Courier then killing the project. The HP Slate almost didn’t come into being at all. HP almost canned Windows 7 for Android, and now it looks like they will be moving to WebOS since the Palm acquisition. The Slate launched and then quickly reached a 6 week back order due to extremely high demand… Here is the demand:

After announcing that demand for its HP Slate had “exceeded expectations,” it has now leaked out that HP only planned to build 5,000 and ended up having to retool to build a total of 9,000 of them.

The Toshiba Folio 100 was the first Android tablet to market and it appears to be… Ahem… Having some difficulties…

Toshiba’s entry into Android tablets hit a major setback today as UK retailers have stopped sales of the Folio 100.

Apparently, the Folio is having difficulty with Flash (who’d a thunk…), spontaneous wake ups and freezes… Catch more about this Here

Too fun!

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