2010 State of the Blogosphere – “In Transition”



State of the Blogosphere

2010 State of the Blogosphere

Bloggers’ use of and engagement with various social media tools is expanding, and the lines between blogs, micro-blogs, and social networks are disappearing. As the blogosphere converges with social media, sharing of blog posts is increasingly done through social networks—even while blogs remain significantly more influential on blog content than social networks are.

via State of the Blogosphere 2010 Introduction – Technorati Blogging.

Technorati released their yearly “State of the Blogosphere” 2010 last week. This year they believe that while the blogopshpere is still growing, currently blogging is in “transition” from the growth of mainstream blogging to the adoption and incorporation of micro-blogging and social networking into mainstream daily life.

— Read on for the Key Trends and more information —

Here are some of the “key trends”:

  • U.S. Bloggers account for 49% of worldwide blogging.
  • Mobile Blogging: 25% of bloggers engage in mobile blogging and 40% state the mobile environment has changed the way they blog.
  • Female and “mom” bloggers: create an influence in the brands they blog about.
  • Increase in Blogging: Over 50% of bloggers plan on increasing the amount of time they blog, and broadening blogging topics.
  • Trust in Traditional Media Dropping: Over 40% of respondents agree with bloggers views and the overall trust in traditional media and media reporting is decreasing.

There is a lot more interesting detail in the report:

  • Ages, incomes, amount of time blogging
  • Blogging topics, posting frequency, posting volume
  • Financial incentives to blogging

However, I did find “The Report” a bit difficult to navigate to get the information because it is broken down into two parts: The Summary (3 pages) – which can appear that is all there information there is, and the actual survey results. Unfortunately, the survey results are linked with a different color scheme to begin with and appear almost like an advertisement.

Here are direct links to both:

2010 – The Executive Summary – Overall information about the Blogosphere.

2010 – Survey Results – Detailed information about: Who the bloggers are…, What topics and trends…, Technology and revenue from blogging…

It is a great read, and looking at the previous reports here, one can get a real sense of the trending over the years.


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