iPad for Students with Special Needs

Here is an amazing story about how one student with learning challenges is using the iPad. (Thanks to Tony Vincent and Hunter Burk for the awareness)

Special Education and the iPad from Hunter Berk on Vimeo.

(Sorry about the flash version, another small issue with WordPress I am fighting through.)

iphone, iPad, iPod Touch version available by clicking here.

We have been toying with ideas for iPad introduction to our special education and ELL students, but to date have not purchased any.  While it is not stated in the video, I got the distinct impression that the iPad was purchased by the family. I don’t know why that is, but how are you and your district approaching this technology?

  • Is this a district or a family purchase?
  • Are you developing formal programs to leverage iPads and iPod Touches?
  • Is there a ban on these devices?
  • Do you provide application recommendations?
  • Is leveraging instruction using these devices on a teacher by teacher basis or a formal curriculum?

and the big question…

  • Should providing these devices even fall into a districts responsibility?
  • Could subsidizing be enough?
  • Should the district create the expectation that it will take care of everything?
  • What are the student “ownership” (beyond purchase) expectations and responsibility requirements? – Do they take better care of an iOS device if it is really his or hers?

Too many questions with few answers of my own…


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