Want to watch broadcast TV on your iPad?

FilmOn Logo

FilmOn is streaming broadcasts of several network affiliates in the Los Angeles area, including those of NBC, CBS, ABC, and Fox, in an effort to entice users to purchase subscriptions to their service. The basic package costs $9.95 per month, while a premium package that includes movie channel

via Free Broadcast TV on Your iPad – PCWorld.

This is really interesting.  While the traditional television companies are not happy about this or the Hulu model, viewers really are… I think that John Gruber put it best:

In short: in the face of popular new technology, he wants things to stay as they were before that technology existed. Good luck with that strategy, TV executives. – John Gruber

The article notes that you can also watch a limited version of the four major networks if you don’t have an iPad.

However, if you use Safari and enable the Developer Tools you can turn this:

FilmOn.com - PC Browser

into this:

FilmOn.com - iPad Browser

So how do you do this? In the Safari browser, click on Preferences – Then on the Advanced Tab:

Safari Preferences

Safari Preferences Advanced Tab

Check the “Show Develop in menu bar” Then close Preferences and you will see “Develop” in the Safari menu bar.  Click Develop then mouse over “User Agent” and choose iPad.

Safari Develop User Agent Options

Safari Develop User Agent Options

Poof you are having Safari pretend it is an iPad… View away…


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