The Reach of Twitter… on Twitter @godaddy

Had an interesting (frustrating but interesting) experience this morning.  You read that I recently decided to switch to WordPress from Typepad (that might not be final if I cannot figure out a few things). About midnight yesterday, I set the nameservers on my GoDaddy registered domain to point my domain to my space on WordPress. After completing that process, it takes about 4-12 hours for the new information to be propagated throughout all of the DNS servers on the internet. (it is usually a bit less in practice). Last night about 2am, the servers began to correctly map my blog. However, this morning I was once again back at the GoDaddy parked page :0(  But, here is where it gets interesting…

After a frustrating hour bouncing between my MacBook Pro using 3 different browsers (Safari, ForeFox, and Chrome) all being pushed to the GoDaddy parked page and my iPhone 4 which ALWAYS resolved properly. I turned to a wider audience: Twitter.

Interestingly, GoDaddy responded within minutes… (hope this works, I am trying to leverage WordPress’ BlackBird Pie to present tweets)

We then moved to private direct messages to exchange more information. Even though we were not able to actually do anything to correct the issue which was not on GoDaddy’s end or on my end, it was really cool to see an organization care enough and take interest in random use issues.  Is was also interesting to see the power of twitter in action for solving problems.  Where initially, I was hitting twitter to leverage the folks I know to simply check what they were seeing when trying to get to What ended up happening was so much more than I expected.

Thanks again @godaddy ^Cj

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