Frustration with change… [update]

GoDaddy parking hell...

[update] So, now I am experiencing odd behavior… First thing this morning, access to my blog was working correctly… Now, when I attempt to access it, it goes back to the GoDaddy parked space, but all of the settings are correct.  However, on my iPhone, the site passes through correctly… If this continues, I don’t know what I am going to do.  I never had this issues with my old host. or GoDaddy.  I have another issue as well.  I cannot seem to use a html script within a Page or in a widget like i could in the past… The frustrations continue!

[original] So, tonight I made the switch to my new blog host ( I followed the rules, I ported over all of my posts, did some minor housekeeping and adjustments, I setup my connections to Facebook and Twitter, and then I went to manage my domain…

Initially, made the setup look easy.  I simply provided the WordPress nameservers and poof my blog should automagically appear when someone entered… Well, that is what appears to happen when I “forwarded” my domain through GoDaddy… however, when I set the forward as I had for my TypePad blog, GoDaddy reset my nameservers to their own effectively breaking the link to my blog again once everything tripped through the switches of the world.  Now I am waiting again for the internet to catch up with my host changes…

But, by the time you read this, well… it will all be back to normal. Or you won’t see this… Either way, I wanted to document my midnight frustration… GGRRRRRRrrrrrr!


2 thoughts on “Frustration with change… [update]

  1. Heehee… Yeah, about 3 minutes after I posted that, the internet caught up with me :0) – Still was a frustrating 45 minutes while my domain was “parked” with no way to get around… Even my full url kept popping me to which was parked… Oh well, all better now!

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