A Year with scottweidig.com
This week a number of “alerts” rolled into my inbox.  GoDaddy wanted to remind me that I needed to renew my domain(s), Six Apart – TypePad’s creators were purchased by Say Media, and ClusterMaps advised me that my visitor’s map is being archived.  So, I ended the year October 3, 2009 – October 3, 2010 with approximately 220 posts which 4,269 unique visitors perused and hopefully enjoyed. I want to thank every individual who took his or her time to plow through my ramblings and those who commented to extended my thoughts via Facebook, or re-tweeting.

While I have been blogging for about 4 years now, this marks the first anniversary of using my name as part of… well, in a way using my own name as a “brand” if you will.  Prior to re-tooling my blog into my own domain of scottweidig.com, may folks simply knew me as “VanishingPoint” on twitter… A few even remembered me as associated to my other (now defunct) blog Digital Cents as opposed to who I really was.  Now, I never hid my identity when writing, but I always worked to make myself part of something else as opposed to making something else part of me… In a way I guess, I believed I was capitalizing on that mythical anonymity of the internet.  On October 3, 2009, that all changed as I registered scottweidig.com and ported VanishingPoint to my new domain.

On that day, I began to work on writing for myself.  I am not sure if I started this as a hobby, as a way to build something more, as a way to “find myself”, if I was following the crowd, or something else.  I honestly don’t know why I felt compelled to create something around who I am/was, but one thing that I have learned is that over the last year, I have been developing who I am and what is important to me through my writing.  Maybe not the strongest realization for change or the biggest endorsement for blogging ever, but while I cannot put it into the written word right at this moment, to me it is becoming more important than ever to try to find time to write… That IS something important. I need to really think more about this because I feel I might be onto something more here…

I Blog, Therefore I am…

Someone much more important than me has to have written that before. but I just felt compelled to write that… Well, I took a second to look that up… Google it, I got 32,600,000 hits and a book “I Blog, Therefore I am” See, I am not so original.

With any “anniversary”, I sometimes think about what’s changed in the last year… When I was 28, that simple thought brought me into competitive martial arts which found me 2 years later training 2 hours a day, 6 days a week in Tae Kwon Do… thinking about the 3 broken ribs I just got as part of belt testing… But, I digress, I was thinking about the process of writing for myself…

Why do I Write?

In the past year, I am finding that I write for many reasons… I write to think my way through issues. I write to get ideas out or to further the ideas and reach of others. I write to have something “public” to look back upon. I write because I feel compelled too… I write to share information. I write to ease angst… What I have really found is that I write for ME.  I always hope that others find some shred of interest in or insight in my thoughts and ideas, but really… I write for me.

Now I know that I have readers… well at least 4,269 folks have at least looked at my writing in the last year… some of you have commented, many just move on… and that is OK.

What do I write about?

Tag Cloud for VanishingPoint

VP Tag Cloud

Looking back through my tag cloud and I think the cloud is missing much of my tagging – aside: I started to use tags better in the last year… prior to that I created a ton of categories… oof too many to manage and I am trying to get better at that – I seem to write about Apple, privacy (I’ll lump Facebook into that topic), learning and education… If I look at my posts honestly, I enjoy writing about technology and privacy issues.  Which came as an interesting little revelation as I started VanishingPoint around the ideas of education and professional development.  Writing over the last year has helped my find a niche that I enjoy playing in as opposed to forcing thoughts on topics. Overall not a bad thing :0)

What am I looking forward too?

Hopefully, more writing in my areas of interest (and hopefully the interest of my readers). In looking through many of my “referrers” some of the really hot topics you all are interested in are iPads, eReaders, and privacy issues… again who’d a thunk? Additionally, I am hoping to monetize my blog a bit more.  I like to review products and look at forward thinking things, so over time you may see some ads popping in or other links that could bring in a bit of revenue to your’s truly (I hope). I can’t imagine that it will be much, but every dime helps in this economy… However, I will always stick to letting everyone know when I am plugging something for a potential financial gain (plus its the law).

What can you look forward too?

For starters, a new look and feel… this is coming predominately because I am moving from TypePad to WordPress.  Right now, cost is the biggest factor, but in the long run, it is fun to move around a bit and try something new. I have to say I really like the ability to have captions be automatic under photos… That was a huge perk in this little adventure. Secondly, a better build out of pages for content.  I had about 5-6 pages on my TypePad blog, but most were auto-generated or only partially completed.  I plan on changing that. Third, more content in a streamlined format.  I am going to begin using extended formats to keep from having to scroll down and down and down on my homepage for articles.

Finally, I plan on finishing more posts that I start.  It was interesting to find out that I had 24 drafts sitting partially written (this was one of them). I started this post October 4, 2010 and here it is November 6, 2010 and I am just bringing it to conclusion. I also want to be posting daily as opposed to a flurry in one day and nothing for a week or so… That will help me also be getting this smoogh out of my head.

Overall, I want to thank those of you who have come along for the ride and made this past year fun and worth while to me. Thanks and I’ll see you at WordPress in the near future (whenever the domain registration goes through (I hope I did it right…)



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