Technology meets Rhetoric

image12069253.jpgFor the next 3 days I am going to be working with about 50 different students in two different English Rhetoric classes examining the impact technology has on the rhetorical choice. As part of the preparation for the class we asked the students to respond to the following 10 questions:

1. How did your cell phone change the way you communicate with your family and your friends?

2. Using the internet, how do you express your individuality in a global community?

3. In what ways have your lives changed as a result of being able to communicate 24 hours a day with ease?

4. Why do you love Facebook, Myspace, text messaging so much? How do programs like Facebook and Myspace help and/or hinder your ability to convey a message?

5. How does technology change and/or govern rhetorical choice?

6. How does technology change and/or govern genre?

7. How has technology impacted your education for better and for worse? Do your teachers leverage technology in order to improve your learning?

8. How does the World Wide Web impact who we would consider to be our intended audience when creating text?

9. Is it ok to post anything to the World Wide Web (think free speech)? How does our role as American citizens (or citizens of humanity) affect our purpose and exigence when using technology to create and disseminate text?

10. Where do you get your news? How do you decide to inform yourself about the world? Why do you choose this way? Do you choose to avoid news entirely?

How would you answer these questions? Would you be interested in hearing a summarized version of their answers?

2 thoughts on “Technology meets Rhetoric

  1. Great questions. I’m definitely interested in the students’ answers to these. Iwouldn’t mind asking some of my own students these questions. Not sure if most students would have thought much about these things, but i’m sure they would benefit from the evaluation.

  2. Tania,
    These are really fun sessions. We hav run this same discussion with students for the past 3-4 years and I am always stunned by the depth of thought by the students. I will talk to them tomorrow about bringing their thoughts to a larger audience. I might even podcast some of the sessions. I’ll update here tomorrow afternoon.

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