image215330693.jpgI will have a more in-depth look at this later and will post again with what’s, how’s, where to looks, etc. But, I wanted to get this information out.

As some of you may be aware, the other day Facebook again changed some of it’s privacy settings and how it controls “groups”. On one hand this gives users a finer-grained control of which people can see various information they wish to share, on the other is has provided the ability for someone to add any of his or her “friends” to a group regardless of their friends interest or even knowledge…

The groups feature now lets users automatically add existing friends to groups, but they can’t do this with people they don’t know.

Go here for more details on this current issue. I will be posting a more in-depth look at this issue later tonight.

For now, stay vigilant on monitoring
your group memberships and beware of who you friend… it still amazes me of Facebook’s “make a change and opt everyone in” policies. it shouldn’t, but it does.

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