Evolution or Revolution of the Presentation

Sometimes being sick (ill that is thank you) has little benefits.  First, I am getting to rest to try to feel better, but at the same time, Noah (my 3 year old) is playing beside me making up stories about his horse and snake. I love it. 

Another benefit has been the ability over the past couple of days, to drill through my newsreader, come across various amazing things and do some writing. This is one of those moments. My friend Darren Draper of Drape's Takes posted a simple message, however, in the post was a compelling presentation tool. Prezi

Prezi spins a standard presentation on its ear allowing the presenter (and audience) to move around information in a non-linear format exposing both the whole presentation and even the tiniest of details by zooming in and out while moving around the "canvas" the presentation is on. Here is a great example that goes along with the joy I am having today with Noah (even though I feel miserable).

One of the things I was very impressed with (and need to take time to figure out how to do) is the ability that Prezi has (being web based) to embed audio, video, and just about anything into the presentation.  As the presentation is used, the video's stream in the appropriate places. Awesome!

There is a free version with a 100MB storage cap.  Then Prezi moves into a reasonable pay format. Prezi is also education friendly with an education offering for teachers AND students increasing the storage size and some other added features. This is something to look into for anyone who presents information.

In learning more about Prezi, here is a great "how to" on building a presentation:


Oh, and on the subject of playing to learn…


 Time to try to rest a bit as Noah is now playing "Indy" and creating a museum out of a blanket… apparently, Indy and Marion have boulders chasing them…


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