Joy to the Android world… Not

image1321489488.jpgWith all 4 major U.S. carriers committing to carry the Samsung Galaxy Tab (running Android 2.2 “Froyo” it appeared that the iPad may have it’s first true competitor… as information continues to come
out, it is beginning to appear that might not be the case.

“Google’s Director of Mobile Products Hugo Barra said in a recent interview that Android 2.2 “is just not designed for that tablet form factor” and had been designed for the smaller smartphone screen. He said Android Market apps would not run on Android 2.2-based tablets.”

Others believe that Android based apps may run, but they would be resize to the 7″ screen badly with graphics looking jagged and pixelated.

On a positive note: “users will find that Web browsing on the Galaxy renders characters and images properly, and video should also run fine.”

So, early adopters will have that going for them until developers create app formatted for the new screen sizes…

Should the iPad be afraid?! Probably not…


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