On Digital Reading…

image351910465.jpgThe powerful growth of digital reading.

Barnes and Noble report: “We’ve gone from zero share to capturing over 20 percent of the digital trade book market—a higher share than the 18 percent we possess of the physical book market.”

While Amazon.com is saying that it is selling 43 more digital books per every 100 traditional paper based books during the quarter that ended in July.

Personally, I have purchased more than forty books in the last year and only one was paper based (Copyright Clarity by Renee Hobb Amazon link) and only because it was not available digitally. Looking back further, I don’t think I have purchased a paper based book in more than 4 years…

That does not include how I read all of my news… AP Mobile, NYT Mobile, WSJ Mobile, CNN Mobile, and the list goes on and on…

Image: My Books folder on my iPhone 4

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