It’s all about perspective…

image936376726.jpgHere is a great article that clearly demonstrates it is all about perspective. It also shows the idea that a little bit of data can go a LONG was in the press.

“Android phones are doing very well, with market share up 5% in the three month period ending July 31 from the previous three months. Meanwhile Apple is down 1.3%…

These numbers can be a bit startling.

Now for a bit of perspective…

…the iPhone sold out on the U.S. launch day on June 24, and has been in short supply ever since. Of course that means that the iPhone wasn’t even on sale for all of May and most of June. Further, since everyone and their cousin Clem knew a that a fresh iPhone model was coming out, it also likely suppressed sales…”

It is interesting to see what people latch onto when looking at statistics. Often data can be overwhelming leading to the D.R.I.P. principle: Data Rich, Information Poor.

Here is another perspective: Android is an OS platform… The iPhone is a device. The better comparison would be Android to iOS or the iPhone (x) to (x) device that uses the Android OS. I.e. iPhone 4 to Droid X or Droid 2 or Samsung Captivate and on and on and on… with whatever is the latest greatest version of the Android based devices at that moment. Adoption rates are looked at in that perspective, the iPhone wins hands down. 3GS sold 600,000 devices in it’s opening weekend, iPhone 4 – 1.5 million… no Android based phone came anywhere close to matching those numbers.

Another perspective… Apple is the sole manufacturer of the iPhone devices. in the past 4 years there have been four (4) only FOUR iPhone devices. In the past year alone: Motorola has released 3 Droids, the original Droid was launched Nov 2009, (and currently has another one in beta testers hands), HTC has released 4-5 Android based phones I believe, Samsung has released 3-4 Android based phones, etc. Go back 2 years and you have the G1 and G2 plus the Nexus One… So, at rough count, I have 4 manufacturers releasing 12+ phones using the Android OS… Hey, it’s free and the manufacturers can’t seem to home grow a smartphone OS anyone actually wants to use…

Another perspective… many Android based phones start at $199, like the iPhone, at launch an within 6 weeks they begin being discounted and often hit 2 or 3 free with the purchase of 1…

I am not saying that Android will not eat into or ever surpass the iOS adoption rate or divides in use. Time
will tell. What I would like to see is fair comparisons for all the manufacturers. He’ll, Microsoft held a mock funeral for the iPhone and Blackberry when they finally released Windows Mobile 7 to manufacturers… No one has even made a phone with it yet… Now that IS an interesting perspective.

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