Serously?! When pop culture invades real life

image760763428.jpgReceived this weather alert this morning:

“TWC Breaking News
T.S. Hermine has formed in the Gulf of Mexico. Tropical Storm Warnings posted for South Texas.
*Now on The Weather Channel &”

Really? Well you now know the type of books the World Meteorological Organization reads…

On a more serious note, ever wonder how storms get their names ?

“It wasn’t until 1979 that the US National Weather Service began using names from both genders to designate hurricanes. Today, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) is in charge of selecting the names for hurricanes and storms around the world. For the Atlantic, there are six lists of both women’s and men’s names that begin with each letter of the alphabet, except for the letters Q, U and Z. The list rotates yearly on a six year rotation. The WMO, which represents more than 120 countries, uses a fairly democratic system of selecting names using nominations and votes on new names.”

I guess after Hugo they needed a new “H” name…

For more information on storms and hurricanes:

World Meteorological Organization

U. S. National Storm Prediction Center

U. S. National Hurricane Center

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