The Giant Space Ribbon…

image1572477136.jpgThis is a bit tongue and cheek, but while we are looking hard to see if there is other intelligent life in in this universe, I often wonder the if there is, they are looking back and wondering what the heck we are doing?

They could be receiving our old television programs and looking at the likes of Alf, Mork from Ork (and if there is a planet call Ork they are going to be pissed), Escape from Witch Mountain, and the Lucy Show… if these peak their interest, and they swing by in interstellar ships with ion drives which collect the freely floating energy in space the will come upon our planet and find our “space ships” trailing streamers

“A Japanese rocket unfurled a 300-metre-long ribbon in space on Monday, testing technology that could one day allow spacecraft to navigate by surfing Earth’s magnetic field.”

Click here for full story


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