“Skynet’s” Future Muscle…

image474820683.jpgWe continue to build Terminator’s Skynet one part at a time. With all Google knows about us, the fact that Google was granted the rights to act as a power company, Microsoft Hohm connects itself to your home’s power lifeline, Apple is taking over the way we communicate… and now plane-based threat detecting lasers…

“[a] modified 747 flying off of the California coast will aim its laser weapon at a missile more than a hundred miles away. The order will be given for the plane to fire a beam of high-powered coherent light. The laser will start burning a hole in the skin of the short-range, liquid-fueled missile as it rises into the sky.”

Right now humans are giving the orders… but for how long?

I guess the good news is that because of a similar test done quietly last February, the Pentagon agreed to invest $40 million more into this project. People may be losing their houses, schools are closing and struggling due to state governments inability to fund them, but we get to continue to experiment on how to blow things up better… Well, we got that going for us.


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