Hopefully more museums will follow this trend

image964403548.jpgNew York’s American Museum of Natural History has created and iOS app to help patrons make the most of their time at the museum. The AMNH Explorer app uses the museum’s free guest wifi to locate where and individual is and provides background and information on exhibits.

One of the best parts of AMNH’s offering is they provide loaners to patrons who might not have an iOS device.

“While AMNH Explorer is available through the App Store, the museum will also make it available to visitors who don’t have an iPhone or iPod touch handy. The museum will keep a stockpile of 350 iPod touches to loan out for free; visitors just have to provide an ID.”

Additionally, AMNH is helping to bring high school students closer to history and to the sciences by creating a 25 person App Support Team. Members wander through the museum providing help and assistance along the way.

I hope that more museums and historical sites follow suit. It would be a great day to tour Chicago’s Art Museum, be guided to the Adler Planetarium all with backgrounds, history, back stories, and information at my fingertips. What a great way to get a six year old and a three year old (and me and my wife) information and a subtle guide (nudge if you will) part of learning as opposed to simply a distraction or way to kill time.

Kudos AMNH!


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