Some People Still Amaze Me…

image1143121096.jpgI’m sorry for this short rant, but this guy is an idiot.

Jeff Bertolucci writer for PC World just wrote Apple must kill iPhone 4…

“Apple needs to act now. Rather than follow its annual upgrade cycle for the iPhone–a relatively leisurely pace in the mobile phone world–it must deliver a new model ASAP.”

Really? REALLY! It’s only been out 3 weeks. (22 days to be more exact) Current orders have a 3 week ship time and Apple just announces the “white” version should launch at the end of July. 3 million have been sold in 22 days in 4 countries. Apple opens sales to 18 additional countries on July 27th. I can only guess that sales will be pretty brisk…

“Again, the iPhone 4 has lost its cachet.”

Hmmm… again really?! it is the top rated smartphone by Wired, Engadget, Consumer Reports, AND this dingbats own employer PC World…

“Yikes. It’s enough to force a mass migration to Motorola’s new and very popular Droid X.”

Seriously?! With his current line of thought, how fast will he retract that statement?! Has he read any of the Droid X reviews? While all are impressed with it hardware and power, I have yet to see one positive review (I have read 6 so far) of its performance or usability.

Also, I have read and written about Verizon’s statement that it still has ample supply.

I don’t see a mass exodus except for his readership…

Disclaimer: Am I famous? No. Do I write for anyone but me? Only a couple of times. Do people follow
me, read my writing, listen to my advice? Only you can be the judge of that.

But, I still think he is an idiot.

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