Details from Apple’s Press Conference 7/16/2010

I know this is about 5 hours after the conference, but I still wanted to give a bit of a recap. Apple opened the press conference with this video… chuckles all around.

If you want the full recap, here is a link to The Unofficial Apple Weblog’s CoverItLive Stream from the conference:

Link to TUAW Coveritlive Stream

The actual blow by blow is a good read, and some of the folks who chose to chime in show the ridiculousness of this situation and issue. For those who done want to invest about a half an hour here are the highlights.

Let’s start with the stats:

– 3,000,000 sold in the 3 weeks since launch

– #1 Smartphone as reviewed by Wired, Engadget, PC World, and Consumer Reports

– 1/2 of 1% (.055%) of AppleCare calls have been reception related

– AT&T data shows that iPhone 4 drops 1 less call per 100 calls than the iPhone 3GS

– AT&T (Apple’s largest reseller) is reporting a return rate of 1.7% less than 1/3 of the iPhone 3GS return rate of 6%

– Apple does test it’s products. $100,000,000+ testing facility, employing 18 PhD. engineers

The Reality…
Apple is not perfect, phones are not perfect. ALL cell phones have antenna weaknesses (as I have stated in previous posts). Apple showed data and video examples from RIM (BBY Bold 5-1), HTC (Droid Eris 4-0), Samsung (Ominia II 4-0), Apple iPhone (3GS) all dropping bars when held a certain way which covers their antenna locations. All cell phone manufacturers are wrestling with this issue, and so is Apple. No one has figured it out yet.

Honestly, Apple just made it easier to did and cover the iPhone 4 antenna. Steve Jobs referred to it as “X” marks the spot. He did also admit that Apple is looking into a possible issue with the “Proximity Sensor” which turns puff the display when you hold it up to your face.

So, what is Apple prepared to do to ease their customer concerns?

Jobs: “I’ve gotten thousands of emails from users who say there’s no problem for them. But, having said this, we care about every user, and we’re not going to stop until every one of those is happy. But it’s important to understand the scope of the issue — the data says the issue has been blown so far out of proportion, it’s incredible.”

The “Bumper” DOES solve this antenna problem.

“But. We can’t make enough bumpers. So what we’re going to do, is source some other cases and give users a choice of cases. And they’ll be able to pick one.”

Starting late next week (7/21 ish)
– Apply on Apple website pick a case

– Apple well send it off to you.

That simple.

Jobs: “And if you’re still not happy, before or after you get a free case, you can bring your iPhone 4 back undamaged within 30 days for a full refund. No restocking fee or anything. We want to take care of everyone. We want every user to be happy.”

I believe that if you have already purchased a bumper, you can receive credit for the purchase, but check with your local Apple Store.

Also note the offer for a “free” case and bumper are only available through September 30th 2010.

Here is a personal observation based on what I have read on this issue overall, and some of the comments (whining) during the press conference. from both iPhone 4 owners, non-owners (WTF), bloggers, mainstream media, politicians…

If you are not having a good experience with the iPhone 4, don’t like Apple’s response, feel you have been ripped off, just return it! it has only been 22 days. you have 30 days from the date of purchase for a full refund.

Stop whining, bitching, complaining, testing, and making a big deal out of something that ALL CELLULAR TECHNOLOGY EXPERIENCES. Return the iPhone 4, get your money back, go buy a Droid (I hear they are getting great reviews too [drips sarcasm]), get off AT&T’s network (better for the rest of us) and complain to someone else when your “new” phone drops calls too! That is what cell phones do. It should not be a surprise.

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