Droid X on Sale now! [update]

image1773436853.jpg[update] the reviews keep coming in… Get the EVO :0/

Here are a couple reviews…

Motorola is willing you to break the phone they just sold you

“Motorola’s software sucks. Their 100% unnecessary Android skin on top of the Droid X ruins the experience of the phone, killing the speed and cluttering the UI, making it pretty much unusable.”

Motorola Droid X Review

“Software kneecaps this phone at nearly every corner. It makes the sizzling hardware look bad in the process. Watching this phone sputter, which it does occasionally for the even most menial of tasks, like opening the apps menu, feels more egregiously tortuous than normal, given its prodigious size and weight.”

Droid X Self Destructs if you try to mod it

[original] Google and Motorola’s latest Android “flagship” phone. Remember the EVO? that was so 4 weeks ago…

Apparently, Verizon is reporting lines in the “hundreds” if you add a bunch if stores together that is…

Droid X should be the hottest Android phone for oh… say the next 4-6 weeks as that seems to be Google has it’s partners on that kind of a timeframe to be able to launch 8-10 “new” Android phones each quarter…

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