Zoho Projects adds “Bug Tracking”

image2006065376.jpgBeing a big fan of Zoho, and a Zoho Projects user, today’s announcement of the live launch for bug tracking as part of a project is really sweet! While I do not do too many software development projects, the ones that I am involved with can greatly benefit from this feature.

Zoho Projects‘ Bug Tracking module is a powerful issue submission and bug tracking system that helps organizations and teams submit, track and fix software bugs.”

Here is a video that provides a bit more details on using Bug Tracking within Zoho Projects:

Official Zoho Bug Tracking Announcement

For me, Zoho Projects is a critical tool for: managing I have going throughout the year, keep a status of where each of my team members is throughout the day, and maintaining a collection of information that is readily accessible by all team members at any time.

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