Apple holding iPhone 4 related press conference [update]

image494911556.jpg [update: here come the politicians … where was this yahoo when New Yorker’s were getting 30% dropped call rate with the 3G and 3GS?

[original] You may gave read it in a bunch of different places, if not, here is the latest Apple iPhone news.

“Apple tonight sent word of a surprise press conference for this Friday, July 16. The company provided few details and would only say it was related to the iPhone 4. The event should start at 10AM Pacific (12PM Central, 1PM Eastern).”

I have written a couple times about my experiences with my new iPhone 4:

On iPhone 4 Reception…

iPhone 4 Launch Day

Early experiences with iPhone 4

My personal opinion, for what it is worth, this is much ado about nothing.

I have owned a 3G, and the 3GS. each has had quirks, each has had signal and reception issues at times, each has dropped calls. This is no different than the oh… 10 or 20 other cellular phones I have owned since I bought my first “bag” phone in about 1988. Or any of the hundreds and hundreds of other people’s cell phones I have been talking to when those dropped the call and mine stayed connected.

Apple, being the new “big kid” on the cell phone block has simply become the new target to take shots at IMHO…

Full disclosure: I DID buy the “bumper” at launch day, but for nothing more than to protect the glass from scratches. I was afraid that when I carelessly tossed it onto a table or slide it a bit when picking it up off said table if there was any grit or anything it would scratch the glass (of either side. The bumper gives it about a 1/16 of an inch clearance between the glass and a surface. I think that it detracts from the overall look and style of the iPhone 4, but it is more important to me to reduce the possibility of scratches.

Has the bumper improved my signal and reception? Not sure overall, most often even without the bumper on I cannot replicate the so called “death grip”. For more full disclosure, I don’t hold the phone that way in my common daily “grip”…

So, am I simply one of the “lucky ones”? Doubt it… but the bloggers, pundits, bible thumpers, class actionists, consumerists, fanboys, politicians , competitors, all want something to complain about. So, here it is and let’s wait for a new round of could ‘of – should ‘of or can’t believe they didn’ts, after the Apple press conference…

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