Borders opens ePub based eBook Store

image305762951.jpgBorders fans, welcome to the world of digital books.

“The store uses Adobe’s DRM-protected ePub format and should work on both the Kobo eReader as well as any other e-book device or container app that can import books using the standard.”

While the Borders app does have some of the now “standard” features like: bookmarking, brightness, adjustable font sizes and choices. From a glance, it is noticeably missing options like: highlighting, notes, and dictionary look ups. one would think coming into the game this late Borders would have culled the best of the best to create a full featured killer eReader…

Now I have not tried this yet, but this launch was serendipitous based on my post yesterday. Since Borders is leveraging the ePub format, you “should” be able to import eBooks from Borders into Apple’s iBook reader. Of this does work, you can now add the 1.5 million eBooks in Borders library to Apple’s stable of eBook options.

I think I need to start an iPhone/iPad eReader round up… coming soon!

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