Early experiences with iPhone 4

image1209030060.jpgI am a captive audience because I will be sitting on trains for the next 8 hours or so… So, you ask what am I going to do? Well you are reading it! I am going to be posting a lot on thoughts, ideas, directions, and my general ramblings.

Here is the first one:

I have had my iPhone 4 for a bit over a week now (yes I have been lazy and have to write about my launch experiences… it’s coming I promise.) and overall it has been a great week so I thought I would cross-post and expand a comment I made on “The iPhone Blog“. TiPB had a brief post asking about user experiences with data speeds and connections.

Here is my comment:
“Things gave gone swimmingly for me. However, I am pretty much ignoring the “bars”. My reason for this is that they are fluctuating all over the place from 1-5 bars seemingly randomly an occasionally within moments of each other. However, that said, I am keeping connections in all areas that I consistently dropped them with my 3GS. I do believe that it is something more to do with iOS 4 than iPhone 4. My belief in this comes from having similar “bars” experiences on my 3GS after I updated it to iOS 4 on June 7 (developer). Overall, I am seeing much faster speeds and better connections overall. Hope things stabilize for those of you who are having different experiences.”

To add to that comment, while I have been on the Metra for about 30 minutes banging away on this post and reading from ByLine (my RSS reader) I have been listening to Pandora and occasionally glancing at my “bars”. They have swung wildly from 1-5 “bars”, current sitting at 3. but, I have never lost connection, Pandora has never skipped or hung.

I have made (and surprisingly) maintained more calls while sitting
on a single “bar” of signal then I ever have before with my 3GS.

Is the iPhone 4 perfect? Well, I will let me future “launch day” post speak to that. But, if you have been reading all of the “death grip” sensationalist crap that has been floating around the blogosphere and been waffling on an iPhone 4 purchase, I wanted to provide a different user level experience.

Remember with two sides to a story, the truth is ALWAYS somewhere in the middle. Consumer Reports just came out with a report that the signal is not new or the exclusive problem of Apple or the iPhone 4.

From my side of the story? Well, it skews toward the positive (possibly heavily) side of the middle… but that is enough of a tease. Stay tuned for my overall review.


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