Sprint mis-steps (again)

image217212749.jpgSprint trips over itself after finally starting to stem the tide of defections by working on carrying high quality Android-based phones.

“A spokesperson for Sprint explicitly warned, however, that neither the HTC Hero nor the Samsung Moment would get the OS revamp.”

And this is why carrier modified mobile OS’s are frustrating at best, and downright despicable at worst…

Before I moved into the iPhone world, I was running a Motorola Q9h on AT&T and I experienced this with a release of WinMo 6.1. It took AT&T over 6 months to “modify” Microsoft’s release and push it to my phone. The killer was that other carriers around the world released the update within weeks of getting it from Microsoft. Many here will say, “well that is just AT&T”. No it’s not. it is based in the fact of carrier time and effort against profit of forcing an upgrade if possible.

just take a look at the Android fragmentation that carriers are creating.

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