Listening = Change

image1138578997.jpgAT&T is continuing to take steps to get closer to customers, to prove that they are listening, and to improve their network and services. I live in the western burbs of Chicago, so I have never really had many issues with AT&T’s coverage or service like I know some in other areas have. That said, the issues I have had have gotten markedly better over the past year where I now have full RELIABLE 3G coverage throughout my house and even into my basement. more often than not, I am actually suprised when I see my phone drop to the Edge network.

I will say that I DO attempt to use AT&T’s “Mark the Spot” app when I experience a dropped call, a consistently low signal strength, or poor / no data coverage. I am not sure of it is that diligence, or AT&T’s improvements, or that I am just darn lucky. But, if you have an iPhone I strongly recommend downloading Mark the Spot and using it for your future benefit.

It is good to see more and more stories like the one linked above coming from users whose MTS reports are making a difference.

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