Google spending spree continues…


Oh my… well in the category of "if you can't beat them, buyout what they use…" Google has just bit off a major corner of the VOIP market… a part that much of its competition leverages to provide their services.

GIPS touts Yahoo, IBM Lotus, AOL, WebEx and Baidu as customers. All of those companies compete with Google products. 

Hhmmm… should the FTC be able to investigate a CASH purchase by a company that can basically shut it's competition down when their contracts run out? Google doesn't think so...

The transaction is not currently expected to require approval by competition authorities in any jurisdiction.

This will be interesting to watch… Google, well in control of search, licensed to be a power company, and possibly in control of "world’s most widely deployed technology for processing real-time voice and video over IP networks." All Google needs to do is start investing in nano technology and we really have the building blocks for Terminator's Skynet…


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