Heard of Conficker? Most likely your computer has…

image261239626.jpgTripped over this story when I was reading John Gruber’s Daring Fireball. Even if you have no interest in computer security, no fear of getting a computer virus/worm, or no interest in computers at all, this is a great read. It is told more as a story than a diagnostic of what and how… The author, Mark Bowden uses a few great and enganing analogies to help it all come together. I feel strongly that you definately will learn something. I did and it had nothing to do with computers:

“[Neustar] runs a huge local-number-portability database. Almost every phone call in North America, before it’s completed, must ask Neustar where to go. Neustar performs this service for telephone calls, and is one of many registries that oversee high-level Internet domains. [According to Rodney Joffe’s, senior vice president and chief technologist for Neustar, Neustar is] “the map.”

“If [Neustar] disappears, there’s no map,” he says. “So if you take us down, whole countries can actually disappear from the grid. They’re connected, but no one can find their way there, because the map’s disappeared.”
A botnet like Conficker could theoretically be used to shut down Neustar’s system.”

Pretty cool and scary all at the same time. Think of energy, healthcare, air traffic control… Conficker could impact them all and most done know what it is or care… (and we should)

Now that I scared you… Didn’t mean to, just wanted to increase awareness. I want to say enjoy it more for the read than to be scared.

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