Facebook thinking about Privacy?! [updated]

image1253953589.jpg[update: you have to check this link out. Matt McKeon a developer at IBM Research Center for Social Software put together an amazing image of a users exposure because of FaceBook’s privacy changes from 2005-present. While not completely data driven (see Matt’s disclaimer) even if it is 70% accurate it is scary.]

Original: This just in from the blog All Facebook. it appears that FaceBook might actually be listening to user and media complaints about privacy concerns on the social networking site.

“Facebook has called an all hands meeting tomorrow afternoon, at 4 PM Pacific, to discuss the company’s overall privacy strategy according to sources inside the company.”

Many of the most recent concerns stem from the new Instant Personalization as well as a recent NYTimes article where FB VP Elliott Schrage responded to user questions about privacy (somewhat poorly I might add).

My continued hope is that they move to a fully opt-in policy for all future “enhancements” they make to their service as well as giving the power back to users should they choose to have a fully closed profile.

Photo credit: bejealousofme


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