AT&T Micro Cell – an Answer to “My ‘X’ Hates CellPhones”

image from You can fill in the "X" with whatever you want… OFFICE, House, Cabin, trees, basement, sub-division, city, area… If you have a broadband connection and AT&T as your cellular provider, AT&T's MicroCell will bring 3G coverage into those areas, solidify your calls, and provide 3G data services for up to 4 cellphones.  Basically you are bringing a personal cell tower right into your house.

Here is a great article from The Unofficial Apple Weblog on the capabilities to the MicroCell, limitations, availability, and cost.  Up until the last 6 months, I could not wait for this device to to become available in my area (which it is now)… but with recent tower upgrades, and tuning, 3G floods through the forest I live in and into my home on a pretty consistent basis. Still… I am wondering…

Need more information? here is a good FAQ from AT&T.

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