Can you Help? Bring the power of technology to low-income individuals

Help low-income adults learn vital computer skills | Pepsi Refresh Everything
 I have a special place in my heart for how technology and knowledge can enrich the lives of individuals. Unfortunately, many many individuals do not have the income levels that allow them to afford what many of us feel is a necessity: the power of a computer that is connected to the internet.  For some, they can turn to their public library to get access to the wealth of knowledge and power the internet can bring. But, with public funding being cut and well… Illinois finances… bringing computers, the internet, and most importantly training on HOW to use computers is getting harder for public institutions like the Mt. Prospect Public Library.

Enter "The Pepsi Refresh Project"!  (More on the Pepsi Refresh Project below) The Mt. Prospect Public Library's South Branch is looking to aid low-income adults in learning how to use computers. They lack the funding to create a computer lab to accomplish this wonderful goal.  How can YOU help?  With a simple click of the mouse button.  Here are some of the details on the project:


  • Eliminate barriers to computer usage
  • Increase comfort levels with computers
  • Develop computer skills to succeed

I would like to ask that you visit and vote for MPPL's $25K grant to help encourage Pepsi to provide the funding to make this computer lab a reality.  Click HERE to be taken to the Project's page for more information and the cast your vote. Hopefully, each day until the May 31 deadline. (It would be really appreciated).

How Voting Works – You can vole for up to 10 projects each day.  At the end of the month Pepsi chooses a number of projects (depending on the category) to provide funding for.  

About the Pepsi Refresh Project:

Pepsi is giving away $1,300,000 to people, businesses, and non-profit organizations who have ideas that will positively impact the world.  Anyone can submit an idea, and world-wide voting assists Pepsi in choosing the projects they fund. Click here to learn more about the Refresh Everything campaign. Here are some of the great project ideas that have been funded so far:

Pepsi is working hard to give back to individuals, communities, and society overall. This is really a wonderful thing.

Full Disclosure: I want to provide full disclosure on my interest in this project.  While I in no way have anything to do with the creation or submission of the project I have taught a number of technology classes to the patrons of Mt. Prospect Public Library.  These were conducted in a large meeting room with me having the only computer in the room… Not a really great way to learn something as hands on as computer skills.  Additionally, my sister Michelle Vonderhaar is MPPL's main branch technology trainer and the individual who wrote the grant to Pepsi. Here is her personal message and plea for help:

Help the Mount Prospect Public Library win $25,000 to create a computer training lab at our South Branch.  You can vote for my project at! 
Hi all! 
I've created a Pepsi Refresh project and it is currently up for voting at the RefreshEverything site. The idea is to create a computer training lab at our South Branch so we can help low income adults learn to use computers. What I need now is for all of you to vote and vote EVERY DAY! 
Here's how it works.  The project was accepted for the May voting period, that means we need to garner enough votes to be in the top 10 in the $25,000 category to get the grant from Pepsi! You can all help with this by voting AND passing along the link to your friends, co-workers, family, oh anyone who can click a link to vote!!! 
Once you create an account on the Refresh site (follow the link up at the top) you will be brought directly to my project. You get 10 votes per day, but unfortunately can only vote for my project once a day.  That's ok though, there are a lot of other great projects if you want to cast all of your votes.  My only caution is to vote outside of the $25,000 category. I'm competing against all other projects there. REMEMBER, you can vote once a day everyday until May 31st.  I will keep you all posted with our progress through my Facebook and Twitter accounts.  You can also follow the project specifically on Twitter if you follow MPPLibrary! 
Why am I doing this? Demand for library services is increasing while funding is decreasing. During these tough economic times, we are working hard to find new funding sources by exploring creative ways to fund our initiatives. The Pepsi Refresh project fit the bill. Pepsi is giving away millions to fund great ideas. 
Vote Once A Day, Everyday! 
Thanks all! 


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