TechFORUM Chicago – Dr. Glenn McGee, IMSA President

Here are my notes from the TechFORUM Keynote delivered by Dr. Glenn (Max) McGee, President Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

Link to the keynote presentation

I apologized I arrived a few minutes late and then was playing with Scott Meech and his iPad. Using Camera A / Camera B, his iPhone and his iPad to take pictures of Max during the presentation. At one point we were 50'-60' away from each other and taking pictures with the iPad THROUGH the iPhone camera! Too Cool…

Showing: Don Tapscott. Growing up Digital – YouTube Video DMTapscott

Resistance to change – Changing behaviors comes before changing beliefs.

Knowledge, skills, and disposition – Provided an anecdote about technology frustration: 95% of technological issues can be found by looking in the mirror – Change has to start within.

How do you lead? How do you make a difference? How do you make changes for the better?

Start with the end in mind. But if you focus on test result (PSAE/ACT/SAT) you are doomed to failure.

How do you create transformation: Begin transformation with the end in mind…

Ask yourself (and staff): What skills do you children need to have to be successful in 10-15 years?

Interesting: IMSA Professional Management Council (Leadership Team) [leading by example]

Everything, all notes, messages, are on moodle

All Leadership is on Facebook and friends with students – makes them think twice posting something inappropriate.

Leveraging Google docs

Wiki’s – for greeting

Elluminate – for all distance interactions

Death by PowerPoint – References YouTube here is a link to the video

Tools – Excel used to view data to get at information as a force for change.

Referenced Book – Leadership on the line

How do you get people to take risks? 

Use Goals Setting and Measurable – Knowing that you will not reach every goal, not hit every measure. Manage risks and expectations.

Interesting: State Legislature fully funds IMSA about $20M annually – about $1m privately. ~Take students to Springfield~Invite legislators to campus

Question: HOW IS SHS demonstrating ROI to students and parents? Will they be test scores or student engagement, drive for learning?

Interesting: McGee had his son use IVH to have him take some of the classes he hated like health and business. The school (Barrington HS) accepted the credit for these classes. This allowed his son to take classes that he DID like like music and chorus. like Film Production as opposed to the basic classes. This allowed him to get better grades at BHS but also allowed the school to keep more electives…

Communication IS KEY and too often it is up front. Then is stops… You MUST continue communication through implementation… this is what we are trying to do, it's not working, here is why and how we are going to change it… What do you think you can do to help or here is the help we need…
Technology is a tool to change your curriculum.

Example: School science v. real science 

Showing a question from the ISAT


Now showing real world science. – Look, feel, play, think, test, roll up your sleeves and dig in.  All students need to present their results. Produce and generate knowledge as opposed to regurgitate information.


At IMSA – Juniors and Seniors go off campus to work with real world mentors on year long projects.

Referenced Microscope Poem

Give a student access to technology anything can happen – Showed student initiative – A student took the "Feb 1 Snow Day" automated announcement and set it to music… then he put it up in iTunes where you can buy it for $.99
All students work collaboratively in every class.

Showing a YouTube video of Mathematica 6 (Wolfram Alpha) Link

Showing YouTube Abbott and Costello 13 x 7 is 28

Showing the verbs from the Singapore junior state tests. (all action verbs) 

Question: How do we compete at a nation if our state tests verbs are circle, choose, underline?

Zacharia (?) Regarding China in the 14th C – "This was the tragedy of Asia: even where there was knowledge, there was no learning."

McGee's message – Do not let this be the tragedy in America


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