Office 2010 Goes Release to Manufacturing (RTM)

Microsoft Office 2010 Beta - Free Download-1  It sounds like Microsoft Office 2010's code has been buttoned up and is going "gold". In software development terms going "gold" means that the software is ready to be pressed to CD/DVD's and the first production run of manufacturing to create all of the supply to put a product onto retail shelves has begun. I cannot even get my brain around all of the copies of a piece of software a developer like Microsoft needs to push out so when they launch globally there will actually be stock in all of the stores and channels they leverage to get to the public.

Bestbuy - Google Maps  Here is a quick look at the Best Buy stores in the Chicago area.  Even if each store only get's 10 copies that is somewhere around 600+ copies just for Best Buy… What about Staples, Office Man, Office Depot, Walmart, Target… and on and on and on… So, when will consumers begins to see Office 2010 hitting the shelves?

The question that I always ask… What's now? What is the compelling reason for upgrading? Here are the highlights compiled from PC Magazine:

  • The new image tools introduces in Office 2010 will make it into all of the Office 2010 Applications – This is a good thing! Amazing things can be done in Word and PowerPoint 2007. Microsoft did well in expanding these to all of the 2010 Suite applications.
  • PowerPoint 2010 has the ability to embed and EDIT video right within slides! – This is GREAT NEWS because the lobotomy of Windows MovieMaker becoming a "Live" product leaves a lot to be desired. Being able to edit video within PowerPoint will go a long way to satisfying end user needs. While embedding is mentioned, time will tell what sources Microsoft allows, and if you can embed right from the web without having to download first…
  • The potential to edit massive (2GB+) files in Excel will meet the needs of data hungry businesses that still cannot figure out how to leverage a database properly…
  • Microsoft appears to finally be embracing true world-wide collaboration by enabling the broadcasting (webcasting) presentations, allowing more robust co-authoring of documents and OneNote notebooks, as well as adding connectors to popular social networks. Hopefully, we will be relieved from being forced to leverage the less than stellar Live services for collaboration… Time will tell…

PC Magazine has a good slideshow of screen shots here.

One of the features many have been waiting for are not mentioned in the article… specifically true online access and editing of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote Notebooks (a'la Google Docs or Zoho ). These features were heavily showcased three months ago. Interestingly, many of the videos regarding this have disappeared from Microsoft's site… Here is one I could find on Microsoft Showcase. A search of "Office 2010 Web" provides a few more… Here is one from YouTube.

Microsoft Office 2010 Beta - Free Download

I am looking forward to the update, and really I am very interested to see Microsoft's entry into a true online web access for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. More specifically OneNote and how it might be able to compete with Zoho Notebook. I know that my District is interested in leveragin the online Office 2010 Suite to help eliminate 5,000 of the 7.000 licenses we purchase annually… (Opinion: Thinking that is NOT going to happen…)


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