Learning – it’s Magical [updated]

The Magic House, St. Louis Children_s Museum.jpg

[update: fixed the image gallery]

Recently, my family had a wondrous opportunity to visit the most amazing children's museum we never knew existed. The Magic House in St Louis Missouri is what learning is all about.

"At The Magic House you will find 50,000 square feet filled with hundreds of exhibits designed to be fun, engaging and memorable in a creative and stimulating environment.

Visit The Magic House to touch an electrically charged ball and make your hair stand on end; transform your silhouette into a kaleidoscope of color; lift yourself with a pulley; freeze your shadow on a wall; experiment in a water playground; make a three-dimensional impression of yourself; and zoom down a three-story slide!"

We knew nothing about The Magic House before we arrived, but were suddenly thrust into spending an amazing 5 hours of learning play. We walked into fairy tales where the boys could dress up as characters from The Elves and the Shoemaker, Little Red Riding hood, Jack and the Bean Stalk, and more. From there we experienced a myriad of ways to make music. Then we went on to climbing a 3 story high bean stalk to get to solve a mystery.

While Noah went on to the Expericenter and the WaterWorks, Joshua and I spent time "playing" in the halls of government. There are replica's of the Oval Office, the Supreme Court, and the Senate Chambers in the Magic House where kids get to speak to the assembly or listen to famous presidential speeches. There is even a presidential podium where you can take the lean role in delivering the state of the union.

It really was amazing. The boys learned about air power, electricity, math, and even got to play in a children's village learning about city services like: power stations, tv stations, running a supermarket, fishing and delivering mail. We finished the day learning and playing in a complete construction site.

If you find yourself in St. Louis and are looking for an incredible day, stop out at The Magic House. Here are some of the pictures we took during the day:

  • IMG_3406
  • IMG_3415
  • IMG_3426
  • IMG_3421
  • IMG_3428
  • IMG_3430
  • IMG_3433
  • IMG_3443
  • IMG_3435
  • IMG_3450
  • IMG_3453
  • IMG_3457
  • IMG_3459
  • IMG_3478
  • IMG_3463
  • IMG_3480


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