Do you Mobile Blog? Can you hyperlink? [update]

image473028096.jpg[update: I just discovered that I can embed video from YouTube (or I guess I can embed anything really) right into iBlogger! how cool is that?! See this post for an example]

I have been blogging for a few years now and have used a number of different tools from standard web interfaces to offline blog writers like Windows Live Writer (probably the best edited/publisher around) to mobile blogging apps… one of the things that I have always struggled with is the desire to mobile blog, but the apps for that are few and most range from cruddy to passable to excelling in one area but not a lot of areas… the platform doesn’t matter, WinMo, Android, iPhone, WordPress, Blogger, TypePad, Spaces, etc… I have tried a lot of apps. the one tool that was always elusive was creating a hyperlink to other material.

WordPress Mobile, Blog Press, and others have the ability to post one or multiple images, but none can create a hyperlink… and just typing to pasting the link is not a guarantee that a blog would translate that into a true link when posted… So, often I would create a post, and then when I got back by my laptop/desktop I would need to add links, etc.

Well, I finally found the app I have been searching for all of this time iBlogger by illumineX. iBlogger is capable of not only posting images, categories, tags, etc. It also allows for the creation of hyperlinks!

To iBlogger’s credit, the developer must be using a great save state script because I have been able to move back and forth between web searches on Safari, YouTube and the iPhone embedded YouTube app, and Mail to get link information and move it into iBlogger’s link generator. This is really cool.

That said, there are tradeoffs like everything. Prior to finding and experimenting with iBlogger, I used Blog Press and have been used to being able to post mutliple images something iBlogger cannot do. Also, iBlogger crops portrait ages for some reason… That said, there are fewer times when i am mobile blogging that I desire to post multiple images as oppose to being able to hyperlink. That I typically want to do anytime I create an entry.

Additionally, there is the cost. At $9.99, iBlogger is one of the most expensive apps that I own in my iPhone arsenal. However, both of those drop quickly in importance balanced against the ability to hyperlink!

One final comment before I close this 40 minute hyperlink happy mobile iBlogger blogging session. To get the
links exactly where and how you want them you do need to jump through an extra step that I hope illumineX changes as iPhone OS4 allowed overlays get implemented. right now you need to create the link which iBlogger adds to the end of your current post with a blank line above. You then need to go back into editing the blog entry and simply cut the HTML link and then paste it where you would like it in your post. For me, this is another little tradeoff that I am happy to live with to be able to create hyperlinks!

Now about being able to add multiple images…

Mobile Blogging from here.

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